(800) 618-1784 HOURS OF OPERATION:
12831 Cerise Ave, #B
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(800) 618-1784 HOURS OF OPERATION:
12831 Cerise Ave, #B
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Drink | Eat | Compete

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Base51™ is LA’s newest entertainment attraction, putting you in the world’s fastest race cars on the world’s most challenging race tracks and all while being able to enjoy some of LA’s best craft beer & global inspired cuisine. Featuring 10 networked Pro level & full-motion racing simulators paired with the latest in Virtual Reality technology. Base51™ offers a tailored racing and dining experience for any occasion, private parties, events and corporate entertainment.

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The race experience at Base51™ features 10 linked CXC Motion Pro II Simulators, all set to race together. It includes a 5 minute qualifying session and a race, the total race experience last about 15 minutes.* For your experience you can choose to race in VR or with a triple screen 165″ display. There are 3 difficulty settings available: Standard, Advanced and Pro. After your race you can compare to other drivers on our Live Leaderboard, where you will have access to your fastest lap data as we also provide you with Telemetry. Our races are open to everyone, recommended height is 54″ tall**


*   Actual race experience time varies depending on Car & Track combination.
** Booster seats are available upon request
  • Starting at $25 Per Race Experience
  • Book in Person or Online
  • Race lasts about 15 Minutes
  • Includes: Briefing, Qualify & Race
  • Choose between VR or 165″ Display
  • Skill Levels: Standard, Advanced or Pro
  • Live Leaderboard with Telemetry
  • Earn Points on Tickets to redeem Races

EAT & Drink!

Healthy Snacks and Drinks, Craft Beer & Wine

craft beer & food

We offer our patrons a curated beer menu that focuses on local micro breweries that produce high quality and great tasting beer. This allows us to have the opportunity to support local small businesses while also providing our guests with fresh and high quality products that will satisfy any palate.

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Now Available For Booking Private & Corporate Events! }

With the 10 of the industry’s most immersive simulators, Base51™ offers a unique event experience for groups of all sizes. Buckle into a race seat and get the “Real Experience” driving today’s most iconic Race Cars, from Formula 1 to NASCAR and more. Paddle shifters create a fun and accessible experience for drivers of all skill levels.


“Everyone had an awesome time and they were all really impressed with the simulation tech and the venue. Thank you so much for all your help with setting up the event and making it so awesome for those guys!”

– Process Solutions

  • 10 Networked Full Motion Racing Simulators
  • 4500 SF Indoor / 2,000 SF Outdoor
  • 200 People Capacity
  • Conference Room
  • Corporate Groups, Birthday Parties, etc.
  • Beer & Wine Bar
  • Artisan Coffee
  • Full Kitchen with Natural Ingredients
  • Professional Driver Coaches

pro training

Improve your Laptimes using our Pro Simulator }

Professional Racing Instructors with experience in the highest levels of racing available to you for 1 on 1 sessions that will get you results

individual coaching

Would you like to be faster? We offer a professional driver training curriculum taught by a Professional Race Car driver that can help you achieve your goals, no matter your skill level.

Professionals have been turning to driving simulators just like pilots have done in the past, this method has proved to be an excellent training tool as the driver is able to receive in depth analytical data as well as being able to replay video from multiple angles to catch all the minute details in their performance.


Racing teams have embraced simulators as well because of they are safe and cost effective while also providing them with all the data necessary to help their drivers improve on the track.

Base51™ has a dedicated Pro Room that has sound isolating properties and houses CXC Simulation’s top of the line Driver Coaching System, the same simulator Pro Racers are using to train. In addition Our Pro Sim is equipped with Live Telemetry and Eye Tracking systems and if that isn’t enough, our pro room also has its own temperature control system in order to cool or heat the room in order to recreate real weather conditions!